Feed-It-Forward Temiskaming

     Feed-it-Forward Temiskaming, is a social enterprise providing affordable, locally grown, super fresh food. FFT is a monthly, genuine offering from my farm and from a network of small farms in Temiskaming. Order a small or large produce pack today!

   Community partners help get the good food to the people who choose it. They provide central depots for produce pick-up, thus eliminating delivery expenses. Pick up is avialable in New Liskeard, Thornloe and Cobalt.

   By pulling together, we can create a food culture that supports our local farmers and fosters a robust micro-economy. FFT allows you to donate good food to friends, family and community organizations. You may also volunteer to help on farm or with food deliveries. Feed-it-Forward Temiskaming connects you with your food, the people who grow it and your community.


Delivery Date and Times

Tuesday August 21st!

Delivery Times

Thornloe Cheese
Thornloe: 6PM to 7PM

The Match Factory
New Liskeard: 3PM to 5PM 

Uptown Variety
Cobalt: 1PM to 8PM 

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