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Canadian Mental Health Institute

Canadian Mental Health Association provides community mental health services and wonderful community programs such as Northern Star.

CMHA sponsors a Consumer Survivor Intake (CSI) through Northern Star in New Liskeard and Kirkland Lake. Northern Star is an invaluable resource to the consumer/participants who operate it. Northern Star focuses on non-clinical service models such as self-help, advocacy, peer-support, as well as social events. Sharing a meal prepared with healthy local food is often on the calendar of events.

Being involved in Northern Star also provides an opportunity to give back to the community through volunteering and other involvement. 

Visit http://cmha.ca for more information. 

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Thornloe Cheese

Thornloe Cheese is a great promoter of Northern Ontario and local food. They have stellar products including Canadas first verified grass-fed cheese and butter. The milk for these products comes from small dairies right here in Temsikaming and must be picked up by a designated milk truck on a separate day. Participating farmers follow a special feed regime for their herds. Thanks Thornloe Cheese for supporting Feed-It-Forward Temiskaming and being a depot. 

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Uptown Variety - Cobalt

lorri Urban has just opened a new store  in Cobalt especially to serve those who cannot travel to other towns for groceries. Lorri grew up on a farm and appreciates the goodness of farm grown food. She has a dedicated section of local foods in her store. Thanks Lorri for being a Feed-It-Forward depot. 

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South Temiskaming Literacy Council

 Literacy Council of South Temsikaming empowers people by offering free upgrading in reading, writing, math and basic computers. They occassionaly have cooking classes and meals for their clients. Thanks LCST for helping to form this program and volunteering to pack food and contribute to our community. 


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