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Northern Harvest-Shelly Rahme

I have a small farm in Charlton Dack and focus on growing organic, specialty greens such as curly endive, purslane, kale varieties and baby lettuce. I have been serving Temiskaming with local food for the last eight years and introduced the share or CAS concept to the region. I have developed a simpler, more convenient and accessible online program called Feed-it-Forward Temiskaming, that I hope you enjoy.

 I work with other farmers to bring you a large variety of local and organic food. This provides me with mentorship and creates wealth and oppportunity for Temiskaming. 

I am a mediocre farmer but I enjoy creating healthy opportunities for people and sharing my love of animals. I am keen to develop animal cuddling opportunities, on my farm and off farm. If you know of any community opportunities or would like to volunteer, please send me an email. I am currently looking for a few volunteers to help create stalls for petting cows and to help get them used to strangers. 

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Garden Pleasures - Bev And Ross Brubacher And Family

Bev and Ross Brubacher have developed a large market garden from black muck, in Hudson Township. Their vegetable varieties are exceptional. They grow fruits including melons and strawberries and have a "pick your own" patch. They grow an extensive variety of vegetables including lettuce varieties,romanescu, onion varieties, cucumber, herbs, summer and winter squash, potatoes and truley divine carrots. They have had remarkable success over the last seven years and have built a sustainable, natural practice and consistent supply.


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Charlton Cattle Company

Brave souls Kim and Paul moved up north to raise Black Angus Beef. They sold their organic dairy in Dundalk and committed to raising a natural beef product in Northern Ontario. They practice exceptional animal care and kindness. They have a cow/calf operation,  breed and calve pure black angus and raise steers for beef. Their farm is on the edge of Charlton making farming all the more exciting, on the bush line. Their two new Great Pyranese pups will help keep the wolves at bay. 




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Poshaven Farms-George Posch

George has a certified organic farm where he grows his own grains and mills his own flour. George began milling  in school busses, one for buckwheat and one for wheat, spelt and rye. Now he has a full facility with a certified gluten free buckwheat mill and a separate mill for wheat grains. George won the Premiers Award for Agri-food Excellence in 2015. It is a great gift to have gluten free and organic flours right from Kenabeek.


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